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Comenius – European Cooperation on School Education
Here you can find further information on Comenius projects. COMENIUS supports school partnerships, projects for the training of school education staff, and school education networks. It aims to enhance the quality of teaching, strengthen its European dimension and promote language learning and mobility.
Comenius Space
Comenius Space is a service offered by the European Schoolnet in cooperation with the European Commission. It supports the use of ICT tools by COMENIUS actors, provides services to COMENIUS actors to support their co-operation activities, promotes interactivity between schools in Europe, facilitates dissemination of projects experiences and encourages as many users as possible to join COMENIUS.
Model instruments for a common evaluation, a  SOCRATES, COMENIUS 2, project concerning the self-evaluation of Comenius 1 projects at school
Have a look at evaluation tools to get supported in improving the quality of your ICT-projects
e-Twinning school partnership in Europe
Interview about e-twinning (Viljenka Savli)